Complete product or package design as well as surface finishing, 3D volume modeling, blueprinting and much more is offered by Karno Energy. Karno Energy is familiar with many technologies and brings you value with our extensive product development know-how https://karnoenergy.com/cad-design-services/ . With innovative ideas, cost-effective design and knowledge of a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, we always keep an eye on the economic success of your products in all aspects of our CAD services.


Karno Energy: 2D CAD


For customers who need 2D CAD drawings, Karno Energy can provide 2D detailing services on an hourly or daily basis.


Depending on the scope of your requirements Karno Energy can also calculate a fixed cost component for each project with clearly defined services.


Karno Energy can also provide 2D drawing services on site using your own Autodesk CAD software or the latest version of our AutoCAD software.


This ensures maximum compatibility wherever CAD drawings need to be shared with other project team members or outside contractors as part of the project.


Karno Energy: 3D CAD


Depending on your project requirements, Karno Energy offers different 3D CAD services, from conceptual 3D modeling to technical drawings, 3D CAD files for CAD/CAM processing or even 3D print files for rapid prototyping.


The CAD services team is also accustomed to working under non-disclosure agreements for confidential, pre-patented, as well as military projects.


3D CAD services can be ordered for every project or for the day. On-site 3D CAD services are also available depending on the location and duration of the project.


Karno Energy – 3D Design and Visualizations


Karno Energy’s design and visualization team has been involved in providing 3D visualization and rendering services from the beginning and has exceptional experience in providing digital content to meet a wide variety of client needs.


Karno Energy also has experience in providing complex 3D animations and architectural renderings that have helped many local and international companies successfully win important projects and tenders.


Karno Energy – Revit Content Creation


  • Karno Energy can produce Revit content for any manufacturer in any field, as well as custom BIM content for architects, civil engineers or even the retail market.


  • Providing Revit-enabled content is becoming a requirement for companies and contractors working on BIM-oriented construction projects.


  • There is no limit to the requirements. No matter how small or large your needs for Revit-enabled content are, we are always available to discuss them with you.


Karno Energy – Building and Design Components


When designing components, assemblies or entire systems, more and more powerful CAD software like Karno Energy is required and above all used. These different programs must be compatible in terms of data exchange. The reason for this is the exchange of data, for example in equipment design, between the design office and the architect. This interoperability ensures that different service providers can work together. You can also save money with this method from Karno Energy, because equipping workstations with this special CAD software is very expensive. CAD service providers are equipped with the latest CAD software and can create plans and construction drawings of all sizes. 


Of particular importance is 3D design. Many products at Karno Energy are developed by these design offices in the form of 3D models. These models can be very well represented in a presentation. Of course, this can also be done online if the service provider works elsewhere. Many also offer 3D printing of these models or designs. This method is in great demand, especially for novelty designs. This requires good cooperation with the architect. Of course, this can also be done online at Karno Energy , if the service provider works elsewhere. Many also offer 3D printing of these models or designs. 

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